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 omega wanna join

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PostSubject: omega wanna join   Sat May 30, 2009 3:32 am

Real life info:
Name : Brian
Age : almost 20
Livin: Holland/Lelystad
Mic: yés
Personal info: i'm a motivated person and really wants 2 scrim alot.I always do my best in scrims for good results, im mature and loyal but sometimes a make 2 much jokes.(don't take me 2 serious then) xD

Game info:
Name: omega on inf, Danon3 on CTF rd
Experience: 7 years/ 4 years 1st inf, 3 years CTf rd
Exclans CTF: DTE,GodsArmy,FallenAngels,ColdFear ( Current clan ]![Ronic)
Exclans inf: Fm, oDo,O'age,Team|Elite V1,V2,DutchElite
Use mt: yésss

Motivation: Well many old friends are in this clan and i wanna play inf more again and i need friends 2 do that (A), the clan is also good skilled with good experienced player wich are very loyal and mature. i Really wanna be a part of it!
So i hope i see you all @ Mar!nes server for some pwnage and fun THO! (Y)

How do i know here?: Meerten,C3NK,Heldro,Matza,Umbero,Highnezz aka Xplo and bone from h&s

Gz omega aka Brian (Y)
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PostSubject: Re: omega wanna join   Sat May 30, 2009 3:52 am

gl on joining omega.

You forgot JsF in your past inf clans Wink
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omega wanna join
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